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running Mad Dog

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On this page are a lot of good Mech or Battletech combat drawings and pictures, some that can found around on the internet (a great many found at MekTek and Classic BattleTech) that I saved, and a few that I scanned from books, or drew myself. Some pictures are 3d models made with computer graphics, others are paintings or diagrams, and even others are photos of models. Image sizes vary. I forget who a lot of the artists are, and will probably eventually post them if I organise my site more.

WARNING: These pictures are in different formats and some are large files. Some of the JPEG pictures are in a format that shows only AFTER it is fully loaded.
Also, sometimes this site's server sits there and does nothing for a minute or two.

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Clan Mechs and Tech
Inner Sphere Mechs and Tech
Novel Covers

WarhawkPPC's Mech Art hand drawn
Pearl Phoenix's Mech Art 3D
Pawel Czarnecki's Mech Art 3D
Whitefeather's Mech Art 3D
Wladamire's Mech Art 3D
Matthew TS's Mech Art 3D

BattleTech 3D mechs, Paintings and Drawings:

Clan Warriors
Clan Warriors (big) / Banner 62k 354k
Warriors and Bubble-Headed Timber Wolf 177k
'MechWarrior piloting, Jade Falcon (drawing) 93k
Nova Cat MechWarrior in cockpit (drawing) 32k
A MechWarrior Jade Falcon? (painting clip) 84k
Goliath Scorpion (Seeker MechWarrior) 1, 2 83k
Clan Wolf MechWarrior with isorla weapons 114k
Cloud Cobra MechWarrior Ka'an Cloister 101k
Jade Falcon Warrior (and Summoner) 127k
Star Adder Warrior (painting) 137k
Blood Spirit Warrior (painting) 113k
Diamond Shark Warrior (painting) 106k
Snow Raven Warrior (painting) 95k
Steel Viper Warrior (painting) 118k
Hell's Horses Warrior (tanker) (painting) 117k
Wolf Elemental Warrior (painting) 74k
Another Elemental Warrior (painting clip) 117k
Ghost Bear Elemental (painting) 157k
Ice Hellion Aeropilot (painting) 86k
Wolf Warriors - the 3 phenotypes 256k
Naval / Aerospace
Bashkirs Flying in Canyon (3D) 228k
Aerospace Battle (3D) 206k
Clan vs I.S. Aero/Ship Fight (3D) 78k
Mechs Dropped Off (3D) 51k
Clan Warships head for Terra (3D) 127k
Clan Invasion Ships (painting) 218k
Clan Ghost Bear Ship (painting) 318k
Clan Ghost Bear Ship darker (painting) 232k
Clan Bases
Jade Falcon Ready Room (3D MW2) 46k
Jade Falcon Base From Above (3D MW2) 51k
Jade Falcon Base & Timb Guard (MW2) 77k
Clan Wolf Ready Room (3D MW2) 43k
Clan Wolf Hall (3D MW2) 36k
Clan Wolf Hall with holo-login (3D MW2) 36k
Clan Wolf Mech Base (3D- MW2) 55k
Nova Cat Hall inside (3D) 51k
Smoke Jaguar Genetic Repository (3D) 65k
Jade Falcon Spaceport (drawing) 95k
Goliath Scorpion Base (big) / smaller 88k 131k
Drop Ship Mad Dog cockpit view (minis) 43k
Clan Mechs Drop-off (3D) 150k
Outpost Guards snowy (3D) 54k
Desert dunes travelers (3D) 69k
MW3 Fight: Timby, Summy, Mad Dog 73k
Dire Wolf looking to Fall Over (MW3) 108k
Mechs on a Rugged Planet (painting) 155k
A Star of Clan Mechs (3D) 95k
Warhawk, Dire Wolf attack Zeus (3D) 85k
Crusader Clans Blood Spirit (cover painting) 360k
Elemental Diagram 2 views (painting) 299k
Elementals and a Mad Dog (3D) 150k
Wolf Elemental model (Armorcast) 32k
Blood Spirit Elemental model (Armorcast) 32k
Elementals Downed a Mech 21k
Elementals & Warhammer Patrol 77k
Elemental Firing Laser (3D-by Lancer) 115k
Elementals vs Summoner (3D-by Lancer) 151k
Elementals Attack a Mad Dog (3D) 169k
Jake Kabrinski vs. DC Atlas (painting) 210k
Wolf Elemental skinny elbows, (painting) 122k
Several Elementals (big drawing) 61k
Elemental Attacking in city (drawing) 36k
Elemental Group in action (drawing) 56k
Swamp Elementals (drawing) 30k
3 Elementals (drawing) 86k
Elemental Killing Men (drawing) 38k
Elemental Attacks a Vehicle (drawing) 39k
Elemental Missile Pod (drawing) 25k
Elemental's Viewport (drawing) 69k
Elemental Incoming (drawing) 50k
Elementals and Kit Fox (painting) 261k
Point of Elementals (Jaguar) (ccg) 27k
Orion assaulted by Elementals 56k
Elementals and Omni's in battle 51k
Elementals attacking 'Mech Cockpit 41k
Elemental running (drawing by Plog) 26k
Elemental green - (two angles) 14k
Elemental throwing a man (Wolf Pack) 113k
Fire Moths
Green Fire Moth (3d- by Etomthnu) 78k
Green Fire Moth 2 (3d- by Etomthnu) 30k
Green Fire Moth 3 (3d- by Etomthnu) 42k
Green Fire Moth 4 (3d- by Etomthnu) 50k
Green Fire Moth 5 (3d- by Etomthnu) 85k
Fire Moth no color 1 (3d- by Etomthnu) 113k
Fire Moth no color 2 (3d- by Etomthnu) 104k
Fire Moth no color 3 (3d- by Etomthnu) 112k
Fire Moth no color 4 (3d- by Etomthnu) 105k
Cammoed Fire Moth (3d) 51k
Cammoed Fire Moth 2 (3d) 42k
Cammoed Fire Moth 3 (3d) 78k
Kit Foxes
A Smoke Jaguar Kit Fox / Smaller 17k 112k
Jade Falcon Kit Fox Attacks 261k
Kit Foxes, a Mad Dog, and Planes 30k
Kit Fox Getting Shot (line art) 27k
Kit Fox tuffy (ccg art) 30k
Green Kit Fox (3D) 349k
Blue Kit Fox (3d, black bg- by Etomthnu) 164k
Blue Kit Fox 2 (3d- by Etomthnu) 77k
Kit Fox uncolored, 3 views (3d) 77k
Kit Fox in Jungle (ccg art) 30k
CGB Kit Fox (painting, narrow shoulders) 54k
Kit Fox standing (Mech Assault, + torso twist) 33k
Kit Fox Firing (super small, ccg) 19k
Kit Fox Jumping (super small, ccg) 6k
Smoke Jaguar Cougar (from MC manual) 141k
Grey Desert Cougar (3D) 124k
Cougars in Desert (3D) 108k
City Attack Cougar (3D) 125k
Forest Cougar and Shadowcat (by Pawel) 189k
Skyline Cougar (3D) 116k
City Runner (3D) 178k
Desert Mesatop Cougars (3D) 131k
Cougar and MKII in River (3D) 186k
Cougar sea cliffs (3D, photo) 163k
Cougar vs aircraft (game mod) 353k
Cougar, Timb vs aircraft (game mod) 562k
Cougar Chin 73k
Jumping, Launching Missiles (MA) 37k
Cougar walk (Mech Assault) 43k
Cougar Attack (Mech Assault cover) 142k
Shadow Cats
Scat/Eles Attack on Coventry / small 50k 271k
Shadowcat Coventry (zoom-in) 178k
Shadowcats Ambush Avatar / small 31k 167k
Shadowcat, Blood Asp hurt Thanatos 69k
Shadowcat and Rifleman (3D- Ray Wolf) 155k
Mountain Shadowcat (3D) 105k
Shadowcat's Area (3D) 120k
Shadowcat Desert Scouter (3D) 178k
Snow Charge (3D) 398k
in the Shadows (3D) 79k
Snow Forest Shadowcat 39k
Desert Guard Shadowcat 81k
Shot by Stone Rhino (3D) 62k
Shadowcat and Chimmy (3D- Pawel) 66k
Shadowcat Head (MW4 cinematics) 51k
Shadowcat Config A (ccg) 25k
Shadowcat Config B (ccg) 28k
Nova cutaway diagram 118k
Nova vs. Black Lanner (Falcon Rising cover) 252k
Diana's Nova (same) 111k
Nova in Battle 69k
Desert Nova (3D model render) 44k
Beach View Nova (3D model render) 43k
Nova VS Timber Wolf (stupid lense flares) 52k
Nova Shoots Summoner (3D) 242k
Nova and Elementals Fight Mauler (3D) 96k
Ghost Bear Ice Nova (3D) 32k
Gray Nova walk (3D- by Etomthnu) 74k
Nova alpha strike -YIKES! (by Etomthnu) 107k
Nova angle (by Etomthnu) 80k
Nova, Summoner Drop (MW 3 cinematic) 18k
Nova Walking (MW 3 cinematic) 13k
Nova and Mad Dog Running (MW3 cin) 40k
Nova Running Leaving (line art) 78k
Nova Kills Archer (line art) 80k
Nova Attacked by Aerofighters (line art) 64k
Nova fists (ccg art) 30k
Nova variant (ccg art) 23k
Nova running, firing lasers (WarhawkPPC) 187k
'' '' colored small (by WarhawkPPC) 121k
'' '' colored large (by WarhawkPPC) 440k
Nova vs Stormcrow (WarhawkPPC) 134k
Storm Crows
Stormcrow Model 8k
Stormcrow Internal Diagram 51k
Storm Crow Moon (by Steve Venters) 28k
Storm Crow wierd variant (3D model) 146k
CSJ Storm Crow vs DC Akuma / small 37k 189k
Nova vs Stormcrow (by WarhawkPPC) 134k
Stormcrow stand (MW4 body) 59k
CGB Storm Crow MechWarrior 4 26k
Mad Dogs
Ghost Bear's Legacy Mad Dog 126k
Mad Dog and Catapult (MW 2 cinematic) 10k
Mad Dog VS I.S. Mechs (MW 2 cinematics) 40k
Mad Dog Diagram / Small 58k 640k
Red Jade Falcon Mad Dog (side view) 114k
Jade Falcon Mad Dog Red Sky & Mtns 168k
Maddog and Elementals in a battle 66k
Wolf Maddog and Hatamoto chi 63k
Mad Dog Walk/ Lasers / small 40k 69k
Jade Falcon Mad Dog (2 views, 3D- M. Long) 148k
Jade Falcon Mad Dog (similar, 3D- M. Long) 160k
Big Green Ghost Bear Mad Dog (3D) 112k
Big Headed JF Mad Dog (3D model) 64k
Mad Dog Firing 2 Lasers (from below) 69k
Mad Dog Model in City (gray, Armorcast) 61k
Mad Dog and Timber Wolf (Armorcast) 47k
Mad Dog Model 1 (CGB, Armorcast) 53k
Mad Dog Model 2 (CGB, Armorcast) 23k
Mad Dog Model 3 (CGB, Armorcast) 29k
Mad Dog Model 4 (CGB, Armorcast) 100k
Guard Mad Dog 1 (Armorcast) 43k
Guard Mad Dog 2 (Armorcast) 43k
Mad Dog vs SRM Carrier (Armorcast) 56k
Mad Dog Model (different arms) 100k
Swamp Wader Mad Dog (3D) 73k
Mad Dog being Shot (painting) 22k
Mad Dog Fighting (MW3 cin) 22k
Mad Dog MW3 Missiles Launch 20k
Mad Dog Ice Fight VS Jenner (3D) 70k
Mad Dog Firing Missile Salvo (3D) 153k
Firing Four Lasers (3D) 61k
Outpost Defender (3D) 84k
Firing Red Lasers (3D) 31k
Mad Dog Pulse Lasers with Shadowcat 84k
Mad Dog and Bushwacker (3D- Pawel) 84k
A different Mad Dog Configuration (3D) 192k
Same with Desert Cammo (3D) 49k
Ocean Mad Dog (3D) 61k
Same Config. Overhead (3D) 36k
Mad Dog Close Up (3D) / smaller 26k 79k
Mad Dog Configuration C (ccg) 60k
Gauss Mad Dog Firing (drawing) 45k
Mechbay Mad Dog (with Timber Wolf arms) 38k
Mad Dog Snowy Blue Land (3D) 33k
Mad Dog and orb (3D) 103k
Mad Dog Head (MW4 scene) 54k
Mad Dog and scenery (MW4 body) 80k
Mad Dog LRM launch (WarhawkPPC) ?k
Mad Dog torso (drawing- WarhawkPPC) 54k
Whongus Hazen (drawing- WarhawkPPC) ?k
CSJ Hellbringer (MechCommander Manual) 110k
CSJ Hellbringer firing (Steve Venters) 179k
Red Kell Hound Hellbringer (model) 53k
Hellbringer 2 views detailed, uncolored (3D) 180k
Hellbringer standing detailed, uncolor (3D) 88k
Brown Hellbringer (3D- Etomthnu) 192k
Hellbringer Firing PPC (drawing) 37k
Destructive Hellbringer (line art) 25k
Big Green Jade Falcon Hellbringer 91k
Green Jade Falcon Hellbringer 26k
Jade Falcon Hellbringer in Battlefield 9k
Blue CSJ Hellbringer Walking (3D) 20k
Looking up at Hellbringer (3D- Bowler) 102k
Wolf Summoner snow, riring (Venters) 177k
Smoke Jaguar Summoner,  Small 29k 130k
Summoner Attacking (book cover) 281k
Jaguar Summoner Firing PPC (MW3 art) 70k
Jaguar Summoner Getting Shot (MW3) 34k
CSJ Summoner Firing PPC (MW3 cin) 21k
MW3 Pirate's Moon Summoner (cover) 92k
Red Summoner (3D) 117k
Star Adder Summoner (3D Etomthnu) 203k
Red Summoner (3D Etomthnu) 197k
Summoner vs Timby (3D) 51k
Summoner vs Shadowcat (3D) 92k
Riparian Summoner (3D) 191k
Fjord Summoner (3D- Grey Ghost) 139k
Summoner by a Lava Pit (3D Grey Ghost) 181k
Summoner in Space vs I.S. TBolt (3D) 62k
Ghost Bear Fight IS Mechs (3D) 193k
Summoner Dropship Fight (3D) 302k
Summoner step on Raven (3D- GreyGhost) 194k
Camoflauge Summoner (3D) 45k
Another Cammo Summoner (3D) 110k
Green Summoner (3D- by Etomthnu) 278k
Green Summoner views (3D- Etomthnu) 189k
CJF Horse's Summoner (blued painting) 36k
CJF Summoner Firing Away (ccg) 27k
Falcon Summoner taking cover (ccg) 68k
Summoner in Battle (drawing) 34k
Summoner firing (Mech Assault) 69k
MW4 Style Summoner Running 42k
Summoner Mountaintop (WarhawkPPC) ?k
Nova Cats
Nova Cat and Elementals (Warden cover) 152k
Nova Cat Standing (3D) 230k
Nova Cat & Uziel Strafe the Place (3D) 59k
Nova Cat Defends a Base (3D- Pawel) 89k
Nova Cat, Mad Dog and Bushy (Pawel) 100k
Nova Cat Beaten Up (MW4 movie) 93k
Nova Cat Stand Sunset (3D) 52k
Nova Cat (snow) Shooting (3D) 164k
Nova Cat Stands Rightish (3D) 89k
Nova Cat Stands Leftish (3D) 87k
Nova Cat me cool lightning (3D- Elizor) 420k
Nova Cat me Bruce Lee (3D) 113k
Timber Wolfs
Timber Wolf Specs / Small 66k 641k
Timber Wolf Front Diagram 150k
Timber Wolf Head Cutaway (drawing) 50k
Timber Wolf Cockpit Interior (drawing) 41k
CGB Timber Wolf Diagram / Small102k 228k
CGB T-Wolf Fires Missile (by Steve Venters) 208k
Timber Wolf and Elemental (by Venters) 98k
Smoke Jaguar Timber Wolf / Small 26k 386k
Timby Firing and Running 32k
Timby Stands Firing Lasers 23k
Timby Stepping 12k
Timber Wolf and Pilot 91k
Timby Fighting an Atlas,  Smaller 62k 195k
Timber Wolf Model (Armorcast) 46k
Timber Wolf Model 2 (Armorcast) 27k
Jade Falcon Timber Wolf 1 (Armorcast) 38k
Jade Falcon Timber Wolf 2 (Armorcast) 50k
Jade Falcon Timber Wolf 3 (Armorcast) 52k
Ghost Bear Timber Wolf Prime (A.C.) 39k
Timber Wolf Alpha (Armorcast) 56k
Timber Wolf Charlie (Armorcast) 45k
Timber Wolf Charlie (Armorcast) 46k
Timber Wolf Charlie (Armorcast) 58k
CGB Charlie 1 (Armorcast) 68k
CGB Charlie 2 (Armorcast) 61k
CGB Charlie 3 (Armorcast) 59k
CGB Charlie 4 (Armorcast) 77k
CGB Charlie 5 (Armorcast) 52k
CGB Charlie's Elemental (Armorcast) 58k
CGB Timber Wolf whitish (model) 86k
Camo Timber Wolf C-like (3D) 78k
Timber Wolf C-like (3D- Devious Tech) 173k
Timber Wolf thick pods (3D) 84k
Timber Wolf upper torso (3D) 143k
CGB Timber Wolf (3D- by Hollis) 82k
CGB Timber Wolf 3 views (3D- Hollis) 168k
CGB T-Wolf missile racks (3D- Hollis) 81k
CGB Timby in mechbay (3D- Hollis) 66k
Timber Wolf Nice (3D- Michael Long) 46k
Timber Wolf Nice Green (3D- M. Long) 123k
Eridani Light Horse Timby (3D- M. Long) 115k
Timby sun backlighting (3D) 132k
Timber Wolf in big forest (3D) 243k
Waterfall Timber Wolf (3D) 143k
Big Green Jade Falcon Timby (3D) 68k
Timby and Hollander (3D- by Pawel) 101k
Timby fighting in Forest (3D- by Pawel) 193k
Moon Walker CJF Timber Wolf (3D) 49k
Shore look Timber Wolf (3D) 69k
Timber Wolf Arena fight (3D) 35k
Timber Wolf Firing Lasers (3D) 182k
Starlight JF Timber Wolf (3D) 26k
T-Wolf Missile Salvo / smaller46k (3D) 71k
Smoke Jaguar T-Wolf walking (3D) 109k
Steel Viper Timber Wolf in City (3D) 156k
Timby Firing Particle Cannons (3D) 191k
Jupiter Timby (3D) 30k
Timby walk in woods (3D) 153k
Smoke Jaguar Jungle Timby (3D) 157k
CJF Timby Guards its Dinner (3D) 178k
Timber Wolf and Avatar (3D) 73k
Timber Wolves Drop Off (3D) 32k
Volcano Timber Wolf 67k
Timber and Executioner Shooting 63k
Ice Timber Wolf Blue Lasers (3D) 222k
Mountaintop Timber Wolf (3D) 193k
CW Timb Missile Launching in City (3D) 80k
Timby in Shallow Lake Fires lasers (3D) 60k
Timber MechWarrior 2 Cover / Small 26k 167k
Wolf Timby MW2 Mtn Backdrop (3D) 40k
MW2 Training Camp Dock Timby (3D) 55k
MW2 Gasoline Fire Timby 293k
Mechbay Timby (3D) 35k
Waterway Timby Shooting (3D) 119k
Wolf Timber Wolf left (3D- by Ronin) 98k
Wolf Timber Wolf Right (3D- Ronin) 35k
Skull Timber Wolf Close Up (3D- Ronin) 200k
MechWarrior 3 Tuffy Timby / small105k 551k
Jaguar Timby Looking (game movie) 54k
Timby Under Missile Attack (drawing) 99k
Timby with different arm pods (3D) 246k
Timby 'Warstorm' (pencil- WarhawkPPC) 246k
Timby 'Warstorm' newer (WarhawkPPC) 118k
T-Wolf Warstorm (Flash- by WarhawkPPC) ?k
Timber Wolf D (diagram) 72k
Timber Wolf A Config (diagram) 32k
Gargoyle on mountain road (ccg) 105k
Extended Range Gargoyle fight (3D) 117k
Gargoyle Hangar (3D) 138k
Warhammer Fighting 43k
Clan Wolf Warhammer (3D) 48k
Warhammer Shooting (anim) 42k
Marauder Stand 14k
Warhawk Cliff Overlook (MW2) 35k
Warhawk in the midst of Battle (ccg) 30k
Warhawk Kills and Uses PPCs 113k
Warhawk off Knocked Balance 54k
Wolf Warhawk Commanders (ccg) 53k
Warhawk Firing PPCs (3D) 173k
Polar Warhawk A different version of above 287k
Warhawk and Raven (3D) 123k
Warhawk Killed Thanatos (3D) 107k
Warhawk and Elementals vs I.S. (3D) 94k
Warhawk and Pals -Shaddy and Archer- 194k
Warhawk Prime Standing Skinny Kid 64k
Warhawk C Kicking a Nova Ouch! 79k
Warhawk using Water to Cool Off 91k
Warhawk fighting Elementals 29k
Warhawk, Eles VS Thunderbolt 275k
Warhawk Getting Punched / Small 198k 200k
Cammoflauge Warhawk (WarhawkPPC) ?k
Cammo Warhawk blue (WarhawkPPC) ?k
Cammo Warhawk 2 (WarhawkPPC) 109k
Warhawk frontish angle (WarhawkPPC) 103k
Warhawk 'Chameshte' fighting (WHPPC) 116k
Warhawk Rearish view (WarhawkPPC) 112k
Warhawk shot down (WarhawkPPC) 28k
Warhawk grey cammo (WarhawkPPC) 76k
Warhawk brown cammo (WarhawkPPC) 75k
Warhawk darker brown (WarhawkPPC) 72k
Warhawk1 blue sky (WarhawkPPC) 84k
Warhawk1 red sky (WarhawkPPC) 103k
Warhawk1 night (WarhawkPPC) 91k
Polar Warhawk redraw (WarhawkPPC) 140k
Warhawk Alpha Strike (WarhawkPPC) 46k
MechCommander Warhawk (green - 3D)192k
Warhawk Standing (3D) 69k
Gray Wolf Warhawk (blurry - 3D) 43k
Blood Asps
Blood Asp Couple (3D) 150k
Destroyer in the City (3D- Pawel) 142k
Killed a Bushwacker (3D) 122k
Blood Asp and team (3D) 143k
Blood Asp smokey light (3D) 45k
Blood Asp Close Up (3D) 182k
Blood Asp Back View (3D) 179k
Executioner two views (3D) 100k
Executioner angle (3D) 62k
Executioner walking (3D- Etomthnu) 190k
Ghost Bear Executioner Charge 88k
Executioner Head (drawing) 22k
Executioner Shooting 1, 2 (ccg) 24k
Executioner Fighting (ccg) 97k
Executioner Held by Battlemaster 82k
Executioner Fighting a Kodiak (drawing) 93k
Executioner Firing (3D) 52k
Executioner Guards Base (3D) 40k
Kodiak and Mad Dog Attack (3D) 73k
Kodiak and Stone Rhino Attack (3D) 79k
Kodiak Standing (line art) 36k
Kodiak Jumping (MW4 Clan Pak art) 112k
Ghost Bear Kodiaks (MW4 by Teslacoil) 206k
Stone Rhinos
Jade Falcon Stone Rhino BT (cover) 203k
Desert Hilltop Stone Rhino (3D) 259k
Stone Rhino Fighting (drawing) 67k
Stone Rhino Jumping (drawing) 60k
Downed Stone Rhino and Pilot (drawing) 32k
Mesa Stone Rhino 1 (3D) 77k
Mesa Stone Rhino 2 (3D) 76k
Mesa Stone Rhino 3 (3D) 77k
Stone Rhino Tukayyid fight 392k
Dire Wolfs
CSJ Dire Wolf,Mad Dog destroyers 379k
Dire Wolf,Mad Dog Burn the Place 28k
Dire Wolf Fighting 37k
Dire Wolf with Gauss Fighting a Timby 191k
Dire Wolf, Timby by LavaFlow (3D) 78k
Dire Wolf, Timby at Mountains (3D) 94k
Jade Falcon Dire Wolfs (WOTC novel cover) 47k
Dire Wolf Widowmaker Variant (ccg) 43k
Dire Wolf Green Prometheus 211k
Dire Wolf Blue Prometheus 102k
Dire Wolf looking to Fall Over (MW3 look) 108k
Dire Wolf stand (angle view - WarhawkPPC) 122k
Walking Zanek Osis (by WarhawkPPC) 167k
green cammo Zanek Osis (WarhawkPPC) 116k
Zanek Osis Battlefield (sm - WarhawkPPC) 126k
Zanek Osis Battlefield (med - WarhawkPPC) 235k
Zanek Osis Battlefield (lg - WarhawkPPC) 354k
Strange Dire Wolf Relative (3D) 95k
Cauldron Born Attack 162k
Cauldron Born in battlefield (ccg) 29k
Cauldron Born and I.S. Hunchback (3D) 149k
Cauldron Born firing (with torso twist - 3D) 166k
Cauldron Born MW4ish (3D- Matthew TS) n/a
Cauldron Born blue mini (mini) 15k
CSJ Cauldron Born blue mini (mini) 35k
CSJ Cauldron Born 'tranquil' (by teslacoil) 250k
CSJ Cauldron Born on the warpath 36k
Turkina City Fight 246k
Turkinas Missiling 163k
Grizzly Shooting 64k
Grizzly standing (3D- MW4 look) 57k
Phantom off-balance (drawing) 63k
Incubus Jumping (drawing) 64k
Swamp Incubus (drawing) 41k
Jenner Firing (drawing) 108k
Adder Shooting (ccg) 32k
JF Black Lanner (ccg) 32k
Black Lanner fighting (ccg) 97k
Desert Supernova (3D) 148k
Ice Ferret walk (animeish 3D- Etomthnu) 157k
Ice Ferret standing (3D- Etomthnu) 70k
Inner Sphere Warriors
Steiner MechWarrior (drawing) 37k
FedCom Zeus Pilot (ccg painting) 37k
Federated Suns MechWarrior (painting) 100k
Capellan MechWarrior (painting) 111k
Capellan Armor Officer (painting) 97k
Lyran MechWarrior (painting) 89k
Lyran Infantry (painting) 99k
Free Worlds League Captain (painting) 103k
Free Worlds League Infantryman 100k
Mechs and Infantry (drawing) 91k
Inner Sphere Guards
FedCom Base (MW4 3D) 72k
Mechs in MechBay (3D) 171k
Ravens 35 tons
Raven Kingston Rangers 27k
Camoflauge Raven (3D- Grey Ghost) 167k
A Flock of Ravens (3D) 47k
Raven Patroller (3D) 102k
Raven keeping cool (3D) 184k
Forest Raven (3D- Elizor) 553k
Ravens backlit (3D) 95k
Raven (3D low polygon under construction) 78k
Defeated Raven 50k
Garisson Raven (3D) 139k
Stream Scout Raven (3D) 62k
Raven walking (3D) 17k
Unpainted Raven (3D- Ronin) 58k
Raven Head Close (3D- Grey Ghost) 177k
Raven Head Shiny (3D) 65k
Raven Shooting (drawing) 24k
Chimeras 40 tons
Forest Chimmy 32k
Shadowcat and Chimmy (3D- Pawel) 66k
Hidden Chimmy (3D) 191k
Hatchetmen 45 tons
Hatchetman Repair Bay (painting) 57k
Hatchetman Break-in 154k
Hatchetman and Stone Rhino (3D) 90k
Hatchetman Walking (3D) 137k
Uziels 50 tons
MechWarrior 4 Uziel (cover) 86k
Uziel Stands Victorious (3D) 74k
Davion Uziel in Woodland (3D) 95k
Uziel shoot Mad Dog (3D- Pawel) 250k
Uziel Attack DFA (3D) 41k
Uziel Beats a Mad Dog (3D) 93k
Strange Cammoed Uziels (3D) 141k
Uziel fighting in Egypt (3D) 106k
Uziel and Novacat with bomb (3D) 171k
Uziel having a Bath (3D) 118k
Uziel Drop-off (3D) 61k
Uziel Close Battle 153k
Uziel Red skin (3D) 225k
Uziel in Fog (3D) 42k
Bushwackers 55 tons
A Davion Bushwacker (3D) 23k
Davion Desert Bushwacker (3D) 124k
Bushwacker lobbing missiles (3D) 174k
Bushwacker in Battle (TR 3058 cover) 52k
Bushwacker (MW3 left view) 13k
Bushwacker and Gargoyle (3D) 64k
Wolverines 55 tons
Wolverine Walking 52k
Wolverine Standing 35k
Wolverine Watching (3D) 112k
Riflemen 60 tons
Rifleman Fighting (drawing) 125k
Forest Rifleman Shooting (3D) 111k
Rifleman GDL Shooting (3D) 25k
Rifleman Attacked by Mad Dog (3D) 94k
Ice Rifleman Incoming (3D) 248k
Ice Rifleman Arms Down (3D) 62k
Ice Rifleman Overhead View (3D) 236k
Ice Rifleman Side, Shooting (3D) 178k
Arguses 60 tons
Argus and Nova Cat (3D- Pawel Czarnecki) 93k
Argus and Tank 330k
Argus Standing (3D- Pawel Czarnecki) 133k
Argus at Nav Alpha (3D) 103k
Argus and Shadowcat (3D) 100k
Snow Arguses and Uziel (3D) 81k
Argus Stand black background (3D) 46k
Catapults 65 tons
Catapult Victorious 67k
Catapult in Battle 43k
Catapult Attacking (3D- Pawel) 155k
Catapults fighting (3D- Pawel) 189k
Catapult's Missile Rack Hacked Off 27k
Catapult Missile Support (line art) 17k
Launching a few Missiles 74k
Jumping to dodge fire 27k
Forest Lake Catapult (3D) 166k
Archers 70 tons
Desert Archer Shoot Tourists 72k
Archer Being Repaired (drawing) 39k
Archer Standing 15k
Marauders 75 tons
Marauders and Locust (3D) 39k
Marauder in Jungle 217k
Marauder Attack DropShip (3D) 48k
Marauder from Below (3D) 86k
Marauder Leftside (3D- Ronin) 68k
Marauder Hind (3D) 28k
Marauder frontish view (3D) 24k
Thantoses 75 tons
Thanatos in Mechbay (3D- Pawel) 117k
Thantos and Downed Raven (3D- Pawel) 101k
Thantos blue sky (3D) 188k
Thantos in water (3D) 240k
Thanatos Running (3D) 183k
Thanatos hills (3D) 165k
Avatars 80 tons
Avatar Alpha-Strike 149k
Avatar Firing (model- Neil Nowatski) 104k
Avatar Guards (3D) 158k
Avatar and Bashkir (3D) 195k
Avatar stand (3D- Pearl Phoenix) 52k
Awesomes 80 tons
Awesome Firing away (ccg) 35k
Awesome Firing PPCs (3D) 19k
Mountain Awesome in Water (3D) 157k
Awesome Marauder "Fistfight" (painting) 119k
Awesome battling a Templar (painting) 87k
Awesome and Atlas (drawing) 65k
Zeuses 80 tons
Zeus Ready 96k
Steiner Zeus & Wolf Timby 146k
Zeus Kills a Timby 39k
Warhawk, Dire Wolf attack a Zeus (3D) 85k
Incoming Zeus (drawing) 66k
Shot-up Zeus (line art) 76k
Zeus and friend firing PPCs 40k
Zeus with cables dangling (ccg) 34k
BattleMasters 85 tons
Battlemaster Aims its Gun (drawing) 21k
Battlemaster Aims its Gun (3D) 55k
Draconis Combine Battlemaster 32k
Battlemaster Kicks a Dweeb (3D) 172k
Battlemaster Head Zoom (3D) 47k
Executioner Held by Battlemaster 82k
Maulers 90 tons
Mechbay Mauler (3D) 62k
Mauler against Sky (3D) 74k
Mauler City vs Infantry (3D- Pawel) 142k
Mauler City Road Fight (3D- Pawel) 190k
MW2 Mercenaries' Mauler (cover) 101k
A Davion Mauler (3D) 24k
Mauler Front View (3D) 16k
Mauler Unpainted (3D- Ray Wolf) 71k
Sunders 90 tons
Fighting Sunder 19k
Sunder Standing (3D) 49k
Sunder in forest (3D) 178k
Atlases 100 tons
Atlas from MechCommander manual 23k
Atlas one-armed Fighting 47k
Atlas, Awesome Assault (TR 3025) 101k
Atlas Fighting Timber Wolf (MW3 cin) 36k
Atlas Walking Shiny Head (3D) 147k
Draconis Atlas Model (Armorcast) 36k
Red Atlas Model (Armorcast) 104k
Green Atlas Model (Armorcast) 96k
Atlas - Timber Wolf compare (Armorcast) 60k
Atlas Inner Sphere Cover 55k
Atlas and friend in Battle 121k
Night Stalker Atlas 66k
Atlas Fighting the Clans (painting) 101k
Atlas Being Repaired (painting) 12k
Atlas Shooting (dark) (painting) 99k
Jake Kabrinski vs. Atlas (painting) 210k
Alpine Atlas (3D- H2Orat) 51k
Atlas Standing Somber (3D) 117k
Atlas Shooting (line drawing) 6k
Atlas Beaten (line drawing) 76k
Atlas cutaway (dig art) 39k
Atlas King of Pain / Close Up 107k 126k
Punching a Warhawk / Small 198k 200k
Atlas out to get you (ccg) 66k
Knocking a Warhawk off Balance (ccg) 54k
Atlas in battlefield 44k
Hollander and raven in battle (3D- Pawel) 91k
Hollander wasted by Argus (3D- Pawel) 174k
Hollander running (3D) 24k
Hunchback tearing up the place 35k
Hunchback and Commando (game cin) 35k
Hunchback and Cauldron Born (3D) 149k
Hunchback water Crossing (3D) 186k
Highlanders Station (painting) 246k
Highlander Targeted 87k
Highlander Antenna Guard (3D) 16k
Highlanders in Battle (3D) 11k
Highlander shooting (3D) 22k
Flea Sprinting (MW4 Mercs) 75k
Flea pelted in back (3D) 135k
Fafnir in Action (MW4 Mercs) 97k
Orion (upper body) (drawing) 83k
Orion assaulted by Elementals (drawing) 56k
FWL Orion Aiming (painting) 88k
Guillotine being Pelted (drawing) 59k
Warhammer BT (painting) 204k
Federated Suns Warhammer (painting) 268k
Warhammer Firing (drawing) 120k
Marik Locust (model) 31k
Panther PPC (ccg) 33k
Wolfhound views 27k
Wolfhound Fighting, Snowy (painting) 72k
Shadowhawk victor (3D) 37k
Shadowhawk Standing 67k
Templar 180k
Templar Fighting (painting) 37k
Crab Shooting (drawing) 42k
Marauder fighting in swamp 43k
UrbanMech Shooting 47k
Osiris sunlight (3D- by Matthew TS) 132k
Osiris Stepping (3D- Matthew TS) 93k
Osiris Standing (3D- Matthew TS) 65k
Osiris head (3D- Matthew TS) 74k
Osiris in a corner (3D- Matthew TS) 69k
Osiris Diagram (Matthew TS) 52k
Hauptman (3D- by Thunder) 188k
Black Knight tuffy (painting) 58k
Black Knight walking (drawing) 13k
Phoenix Hawk Upper Body (drawing) 96k
Mech Swamp Fight (painting) 43k
Stalker shark mouth (3D) 61k
Locust Standing (3D) 44k
Locust fight (3D) 59k
Locust and dead 'Mech (drawing) 222k
Flea Brick Wall (3D) 235k
Jenner Downed 22k
Jagermech's Kill (3D) 187k
Thunder Bolt Maeve Wolf kill Alpin 102k
Kurita Fight (painting) 43k
Green Lyran Commando salvo (cg art) 26k
Rifleman firing (cover art) 95k
Wasp standing (cover art painting) 118k

BattleTech Novel Art
Jade Falcon Warrior195k
Jade Falcon Warrior no text161k
Cassie Suthorn178k
Diana's Nova111k
Nova vs Black Lanner256k
Aidan's Summoner vs Mad Dog196k
Aidan's Timby237k
Vlad's Warhawk vs Executioner135k
Star Commander Joanna224k
Horse's Summoner253k
Way of the Clans271k
Elemental vs. Atlas210k
Ghost Bears294k
Timber Wolf vs. Elementals110k
Natural Selection232k
Prince of Havoc250k
Exodus Road194k
Wolf Pack250k
Lethal Heritage222k
Blood Legacy247k
Lost Destiny234k
Impetus of War234k

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